The Cost Of Cavity Wall Insulation Removal

If you have cavity wall insulation that was not suitable for your property and it has either been causing problems or you want it to be removed for your peace of mind, then you are perhaps afraid of the costs of cavity wall insulation removal. It can be a costly process but it doesn’t have to be with My Cavity Claim, who are experts in claiming compensation for damaged and wrongly installed cavity insulation.

If you live in a property that is in a high rain exposure zone, then cavity wall insulation is unsuitable for your property. After a few winters, rainfall often infiltrates the brickwork in homes, especially in high rain exposure zones. This results in insulation absorbing the moisture, where normally the rainwater would just run down the cavity. As the insulation absorbs the moisture, it is transferred into the inner wall, causing damp on the property.

Properties that suffer from poorly maintained brickwork are also unsuitable for cavity wall insulation as they can let rainfall in easily. As with the above, rain water would normally run down the cavity and not reach the inner wall, but insulation absorbs this moisture and it thus transfers to the inner wall, causing damp. It is important to repair the brickwork before any insulation is installed so the wall does not let in any rainfall.

Incorrectly installed insulation can also cause problems, as gaps in the insulation can produce a counterproductive effect of making the house colder by allowing heat to escape so the only option is to get your Cavity Wall Insulation Removal. This applies to insulation damaged by fire and flooding as well, as this can make your home colder as well.

Cavity Wall Insulation Compensation

Cavity Wall Insulation RemovalMy Cavity Claim can help you to claim compensation for incorrectly installed cavity wall insulation. If your property was originally deemed suitable for the installation when it was not, then they can help you to claim the costs of cavity wall insulation removal from the company responsible for the installation of the insulation. Furthermore My Cavity Claim also believe that you should be compensated for the inconvenience that you have had to put up with along with a settlement that covers the costs of any repairs to your property, for any damage that has been caused e.g. damp problems. For more details about cavity wall claims visit:

With a team on hand to work in your interests, rather than those of the insulation companies, My Cavity Claim are experts in gaining the compensation that you deserve. Working on a No Win No Fee basis, My Cavity Claim will only charge a fee of 10% of your final settlement figure, a settlement that you may not have received without their expert help!


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