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Are you looking for a loss adjuster? Public Loss Adjusters are located throughout Britain, so no matter where you are, all your insurance needs can be easily covered. They have dealt with millions of claims nationwide, so they have a wealth of experience when dealing with insurance claims.

They have two senior partners that have a combined 65 years of experience in insurance claims and insurance claim management. Here at PLA, we always put you first. We only preserve your interests and we guide you throughout the claims process to make sure that everything is covered. If you have any questions about a public loss adjuster, or how they work then visit their website at https://www.publiclossadjusters.com/ or call them on 0800 434 999.

Why Do You Need A Loss Adjuster?

Loss adjusters will come in extremely handy when you are dealing with a claim, because they are experts at what they do and know exactly how to deal with the insurance companies. When hiring a loss adjuster, they speak to your insurers directly for you, so that they account for every last bit of damage that your house has sustained.

It is important that loss adjusters deal with your insurers directly because they will make sure that the final settlement fee is enough to cover all the damage. They also handle your claim so that the claim process is completed as quickly as possible. Even though Public Loss Adjusters deal with the insurers directly, they always include you in everything they do as they would not do anything you are not happy with.

Public Loss Adjusters are a respected firm in the CILA – the Charted Institute of Loss Adjusters. You know when we are dealing with your claim that you are in good hands. Unlike other loss adjusters, we work for you, not your insurer. When you hire Public Loss Adjusters, we will give you loss adjusting with no cost as long as you pick one of our partnered contractors to carry out your repair work. Alternatively, if you want loss adjusting and decide to choose a cash sum instead of the repairs, we only charge 10% + VAT of the final settlement fee.

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