Luvabullz – French Bulldog Puppies UK

Have you got a passion for dogs? Have you got many dogs already? Maybe you want something a little different and rare? Why don’t you get a rare coloured, cute and irresistible French bulldog? At Luvabullz, we can offer you blue French bulldog puppies, blue and tan French bulldog puppies, red fawn French bulldog puppies and fawn French bulldog puppies.french bulldog puppies

French Bulldog puppies for sale UK are quite rare and therefore Luvabullz are offering the extraordinary, especially with the rare colours. This is due to them only just starting to gain popularity here in the UK and as a result not many people are breeding them at present.

We have 4 in house females that live in our home, and are perfectly behaved in terms of being house trained and also they are fantastic with our children. This is something we have noticed since breeding French bulldog puppies and therefore we believe they are the ideal family pet.

Additionally, not only do our French bulldogs have an amazing personality, all of our dogs at Luvabullz are Kennel Club Registered. This means any French bulldog puppies for sale at Luvabullz that you may want to purchase are pure-bred. Also if you buy a French bulldog puppy/ies from us, we will supply with full details of the pup, including its date of birth, colour and even information about both parents.

Furthermore, all of our French bulldogs and French bulldog puppies are reared in a happy environment. This includes the puppies that are born at Luvabullz only being separated from their mother at the time that the puppy is fully ready. Also, all our French bulldogs are fully vet checked and vaccinated, meaning that you will not have to worry about any vaccinations.

We undersfrench bulldog puppiestand that the cost of purchasing a rare French bulldog outright can be difficult and have a big effect on your financial situation, therefore at Luvabullz we are one of the only breeders that offer you a fully French bulldog puppy finance service. This allows you to take your puppy home and get it settled in, whilst you pay in gradual and suitable to you payments.

If you are looking for a French bulldog puppy Luvabullz are the breeders you need. Contact us now and we have help and advice you on your best options in terms of owning your very own French bulldog.

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